Concerning the activities carried out throughout the year, English is the language used for communicating, learning and having fun. They are all designed to suit the different levels and stand out for their variety.

One experience, which our learners always look forward to, is the 3-day English inmersion course at Moragete Campus (Requena). Last April fifty pupils of the first, second and third year of Secondary Education attended lessons related to different subjects and practiced outdoor activities in this rural setting, which is also a perfect place to enjoy the nature.



Let us not forget the storytelling and Edgar Allan Poe days, which were organized together with the English department. The first one has now been done for four years: four one-hour performances were shown on 1 February. They were watched by over 250 students of ESO and vocational training, some of whom played specific roles on the stage helped by Alan, the storyteller.








On 25 and 26 April some groups of the fourth year of ESO and first of Bachillerato also had the chance to go to “Teatro de La Paz” and watch a film which consists of six animated short films based on E. A. Poe´s stories.





We must not overlook the interdisciplinary projects involving different subjects, which were also undertaken. One example is “The capsule of time”: the History and English teachers have worked together to carry out this activity with a Japanese school -Spanish and Japanese students wrote letters each other so as to know the others´ culture, traditions and ways of thinking.