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             My name is Thomas Gumbs. I was born in the sunny state that is known as Florida. After living there for a year as a baby, I was sent to live with my grandparents in the U.S Virgin Islands until the age of 8. It was then, when I was 8 years old that I moved to Sacramento California. I lived there until I was 20 years old. When I finally decided to attend college, I decided to attend a small university in the state of Florida. So back to Florida I went, but this time as an adult.

            I enjoy Florida. For the most part it is sunny. We do have a cold month or two during the year, but cold for Floridians is between 5 to 10 Celsius. Though, I would like to point out that in the U.S we do not use Celsius, we use Fahrenheit, which after being converter is between 40 to 60 degrees. Unfortunately, we do suffer from a lot of rain since Florida has more of a tropical climate and the occasional Hurricane, but it is a small price to pay for the usual warm weather that we as Floridians are fortunate to experience all year round.

I live in Ponte Vedra Florida. It is a small town on the border of the Jacksonville, Fl city limits. It is a very nice and quite beach town. Jacksonville on the other hand is the complete opposite. It is a very large and loud city. In fact, it is the largest city in the USA. Although, it is only the largest in terms of land mass, not in population.

            Jacksonville is to the north of where I live. If I drive south for 15 minutes, that will take me to a city known as St Augustine Florida which is actually the oldest city in the USA. It  wasa beautiful little city that was founded by the Spaniards several hundred years ago. Here you can find beautiful architecture, streets that resemble Spanish cities in Spain, and even a Spanish fort, which is now one of the oldest and longest standing structures in the USA. Though it is a city located close to where I live, because of my constant studies and travelling, I am not able to frequently visit the wonderful city of St Augustine as much as I would like to.

I attend the University of North Florida. I have degrees in International Business, Finance with a focus in corporate finance, Spanish studies, and an Associate of Arts. Through my studies, I have studied in the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, and Spain. Having the opportunity to study, and study abroad has changed my life irrevocably.

            I have been to 14 of the E.U countries. Without a doubt Spain is my favorite country of them all. The food is unbelievable. The taste is truly something that makes my mouth water. The culture is beautiful. Before I started learning Spanish, and travelling around the world, I was ignorant to the fact that we are all different. As cultures we think differently. It has been an amazing experience learning more about the Spanish culture through the friends that I have made here and that is why I say the culture is beautiful.

            Because I am such an avid mountain biker, I spend a lot of time traveling and riding the mountains throughout the country. I have been able to witness some of the most beautiful landscapes that I have ever seen in my life. From riding next to ledges on mountains, to riding my bike on paths that have been used for thousands of years to transport bulls, there is always some beautiful to see and sometimes find when you are exploring the Spanish landscapes.

Overall, Spain is a rich country full of a rich and vibrant history. Everyday that I am given another day to live on this earth, I wake up with a smile because I am in Spain. Sure, sometimes things may not be as good as they could be, but no matter what is going on in my life, or during my day, I know that I will have great Spanish friends to share my experiences with. And because this is not my first time here in Spain, I am fortunate to have many friends all over the country of Spain.

This is my second time here in Spain. Last year I studied at the University of Cantabria. I lived in Santander. This time in Spain has been amazing because I have been able to learn this side of the country more intimately. Last year I spend my time travelling through the northern cities. This time I am spending my time travelling through the southern and eastern side of the country. I am fortunate that I have been able to learn a tremendous amount about the country.

As for Albacete, I love it here. The people are wonderful, the local foods are amazing, the parties are great, and in general Castilla -La Mancha has a lot of beautiful places that are worth going and seeing. I am proud to call Albacete my home. Over the three months that I have been here I have learned so much. This has been one of the best periods of my life.

Lastly I will say that as a learner of a language myself, I know that it can be difficult. There are times you just wont be able to think, you will second guess everything that you say, and sometimes you will simply just want to give up. My advice for all of you is to continue learning English, or French, or any other language that you may desire to learn. The benefits far outweigh the embarrassment of making a mistake. Don’t be afraid to make those mistakes! Embrace them because every time you learn a new word, every time you say something correctly, every time you push yourself to understand more, you are not only learning, but you are changing yourself more than you realize.

So as my time at the Universidad Laboral comes to an end, it is only proper that I leave you with this. Don’t be afraid to push yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and do something you never thought that you would be able to do. Travel, then travel some more. Don’t be consumed with thoughts about money, or materials things. Open your eyes and enjoy this amazing thing called life that we all have, because we are not promised tomorrow. In the end your life will be a collection of moments…….so do what you can to make them the best moments possible.

Thank you all for making my time with all of you simply indescribable. In my heart forever will all of you be.




Cuál es tu idea de felicidad perfecta?

Living a live following my dreams.

¿Cuál es tu mayor miedo?

I have no fears

¿Cuál es el principal rasgo de tu carácter?


¿Cuál es tu principal defecto?

I try to do too much

¿Cuál es tu ocupación favorita?

Riding mountain bikes in the mountains

¿Cuál es la persona viva que más admiras?


¿Qué frases o palabras dices más?

You only life life once so live it to the fullest

¿Cuál es el talento que te gustaría poseer?

The ability to solve the worlds problems

Si existiese la reencarnación, ¿qué te gustaría ser en la próxima vida?

A bird

¿Dónde te gustaría vivir?


¿Tu compositor favorito?

The cure

Tu pintor preferido?

Pablo Picasso

¿Tu color favorito?


¿Qué es lo que más aprecias de tus amigos?

Their time

¿Tienes un lema?

Always smile

¿Cuál es tu flor preferida? ¿Por qué?


¿Cuál es el defecto humano que más odias?

None. Everyone should always be them. Even if it is bad.