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Sello de excelencia “Label France Éducation”


El IES Universidad Laboral de Albacete obtiene el sello de excelencia “Label France Éducation”,  que reconoce la calidad de la enseñanza en su Programa Lingüístico Francés





This school year three different contests were organised to celebrate Halloween at our school. Students of both ESO and FP English bilingual programmes had the chance to participate in carving and decorating pumpkins, baking cookies and writing scary short-stories which were illustrated with artistic drawings. The result was a wide range of amazing, creative and delicious items.

These contests were organised for the following levels:

• Pumpkins: 1st and 2nd of ESO
• Cookies: 3rd of ESO, GAT and AV
• Short-stories: 4th of ESO

Our students’ creations were collected on Friday, 30 September, when the contest jury, consisting of the English teachers and the teachers of non-linguistic subjects, chose the winners for each of the categories shown below.


The prize giving ceremony was held in the main hall of thes chool, during the break on Friday, 4 November; the teachers, the students and our headmaster -Francisco Quintanilla Pérez-were there to congratulate the winners as well as to support the activities carried out by the people involved in this bilingual Project. The winners were:



   1. The most creative  2. The best  carved
ima10 ima11
3. The funniest   4. The scariest
ima12 ima13



1. The best story



 2. The best illustrated  stories




To see images of the prize giving ceremony click on the slide presentation below.